Commerce Platform & Digital Currency

IndieTrader is seeking investors that like our concept and think it could work.

First Round

Right now, we are seeking $175,000 from local business owners; who are willing to commit needed goods, property and/or services- in exchange for digital currency.

Seeking the following investors:
  • Nightclub/bar/entertainment business owners
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Personal Trainers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Printers
  • Boutique & shop owners
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Salon & Spa owners
Return On Investment

In exchange for your investment you will receive a return of three times the value of your original investment; in digital currency, over the course of three years.

In addition, as a result of your investment; your business will generate tremendous referrals and customer traffic; an amount that could be ten times your original investment.

How Your Investment Will Be Used

We will be utilizing investor funds primarily for marketing and growing our membership base. This directly translates into traffic into your door.

In 1999, internet startups like Amazon poured billions of dollars of investor capital into marketing; so that they could lower their prices and attract new users. We will be growing our user base similarly; with free gift certificates on sign-up. This approach will attract many new members; and drive traffic into your door.

Our Long Term Plan

Our goal is to pull business away from large corporations, drive traffic to local small businesses; and help put them on a more level playing field.

Invest Now

We only need a limited amount of business owners to invest. Investing now gives your business the distinct advantage of being first to market, you'll receive tremendous traffic and client referrals; while also enjoying a great ROI.

Insure Your Company's Solvency

Investing is also a great insurance policy that could protect your business from an economic tsunami. On October 23, 2017 multiple news outlets like NPR released a little noticed article "China Shuts Down Tens of Thousands of Factories in Unprecedented…Crackdown". Read into it what you want. Shutting down tens of thousands of factories in China; implies that the cost of goods for people in the U.S. will skyrocket.

An Economic Tsunami

Consequently, very soon people will not have discretionary money for spending on 'luxury' services such as car maintenance, home repairs, eating out and fitness. Small business owners need to prepare now for the economic downturn that is coming. IndieTrader offers business owners lines of credit that could be a real life-line; when the economy slows.

BitCoin Vs IndieTrader Digital Currency

Any small business owner knows that digital currencies like Bitcoin are fundamentally flawed. No one is going to buy digital currency using money, just to spend at a local business. It is completely impractical. Second, Bitcoin doesn't even drive traffic to small businesses. They are an afterthought. Nor do they offer small businesses lines of credit to help them grow. So why are speculators giving them so much attention?

IndieTrader is the ONLY platform that allows you to transform assets, property, resources and work, into digital currency; and it offers small business lines of credit. It's a platform designed for small business owners; not speculators. It's a platform that works.

Small Commitment Needed

We're committed to helping small businesses; not Wall Street. Make a commitment that you feel comfortable with. You can commit as little as $2500 in goods and/or services (gift certificates); to see how it goes. We'll accommodate. For example, if you are a clothing boutique we can distribute 100 $30 gift certificates over the course of three months; or if you are an ice cream shop we can distribute 250 10-dollar gift certificates. It needs to be an amount that works for you and is also attractive for consumers. We can target specific neighborhoods and even limit the amount of gift certificates sold to individuals.

Call Us

When you're ready to invest, contact Peter Bonewitz at XXX XXX XXXX.